Trauma Informed Yoga with CPTSD Foundation

I’m honored to facilitate a weekly online trauma-informed yoga class for the CPTSD Foundation on Saturdays at 11am est. We also have our own private circle community where we get to interact with each other during the week.

We just launched a TIPS (Trauma informed Partner Support) program: loved ones of survivors as well as Pride Community support. We all deserve to feel heard and supported.

Using movement and the practice of yoga as an invitation to shift the focus and power from the external to the internal. How would you like to move? How does it feel inside to make choices in the present moment?

Each week we will come together to share time and movement, an authentic shared experience, where there may be moments where you begin to feel your embodied self. Oftentimes, and in service of survival, we disconnect from what it feels like inside and what it feels like to make choices based on what we’re feeling. During this hour, you’re welcome to explore and experiment with present moment choice making, with noticing sensation, and the experience of participating with other people in our community, whether live or recorded.

Cameras are optional: You’re welcome to keep your camera on or off, and participate with the movement in whatever way feels useful and safe for you. There is no expectation to be a certain fitness level or have any previous yoga experience.

I want to acknowledge your courage in showing up for yourself in this way and we’re honored to be with you.

We meet for 60 minutes on Saturday mornings at 11am EST. Each class will consist of 45 minutes of movement and then time for some thoughts and questions at the end of the session. We will also have private group platform where the I will be sharing some links and resources and a place for us to connect during the week.

What is needed:

If you’d like, you’re welcome to practice on a yoga mat or in a chair.

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